5 Bad Habits That Are Terrible For Your Skin

SOPHIE ANGELL | November 08, 2019 | 2 min read

You cleanse, you tone, you moisturise, you exfoliate (when you remember, lol). So where’s that JLo ‘glow’ at? We investigate 5 everyday skin sins you probably need to repent before reaching your #skingoals.

1. Using Gritty Exfoliators 

Kylie Skin

Like most millennials, our first foray into skincare started the same way; with St Ives Apricot Scrub purchased from Bodycare. Recently introduced Gen Z (*cough, Kylie Skin, cough*) this walnut scrub won’t so much as ‘buff’ the top layer of your skin off as grind it to the bottom layer of your dermis with industrial force, simultaneously stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Use a gentle exfoliator, like a sugar scrub, a maximum of once or twice a week for softer skin without the pain.

2. Picking Spots

We love Dr Pimple Popper as much as the next weirdo, but according to skincare QWEEEEN Caroline Hirons there’s a difference between ‘picking’ and ‘popping’.

‘As much as any dermatologist will tell you not to pop, the fact is that you do.' Caroline says.

‘I prefer to teach people the proper way to pop spots, and there is a difference between that and picking spots. A whitehead that comes out after cleansing with one gentle squeeze is fine; but picking away at a deep red lump on your chin that isn’t ready to come out can seriously scar your skin’.

Following Caroline’s golden rules is the key; use a tissue and with clean hands place fingers at the side of the spot and push gently downwards. If the spot comes out easily, continue. If not stop!

3. Not Washing Your Pillow Case 

All sorts of residual make up, dirt, oil and, (let’s face it), dribble can build up on your pillowcase making it a prime breading ground for bacteria.

Skin experts recommend changing your sheets at least once a week, and up to three times if you have oily or acne-prone skin. It’s not just your pillow you should keep a clean eye on; you should be disinfecting everything that touches your face weekly, from your phone screen to your make up brushes

4. Skipping the SPF 

I mean, we know you don’t need us to explain the perils of not wearing SPF on the daily. From destroying the collagen and elastin causing premature lines and wrinkles, to causing brown spots and oh yeah, skin cancer.

Bottom line is you should be slathering yourself in the stuff regardless of the weather, time of year or even how long you plan to spend outside that day. Pop a good sized amount of SPF 30 or above on BEFORE moisturiser and make up. Better safe than sorry.

5. Munching Too Much Sugar 

Eugh, as if we didn’t have enough guilt about indulging in the sweet stuff, it’s damaging our skin as well as our waistlines.

Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and salt (a.k.a all the good stuff) can have a negative impact on your skin, dehydrating and breaking down the collagen causing dullness and wrinkles over time.

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