Sustainability Message

As a brand who is dedicated to ‘keeping it real’, transparency is at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

We work incredibly closely with our suppliers to ensure that, where possible, our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our outer box, tissue paper, leaflet inserts and stickers have all been developed to ensure that they can be fully recycled.

We often get our customers asking about the sustainability of our sachet materials.

The food industry requires us to meet certain safety requirements when it comes to our packaging. It requires that our sachet contains three layers of materials, a food safety layer, a foil high barrier and an outer foil layer. These layers mean that the product complies with the health and safety standards of the food industry and keeps our product fresh for as long as possible.

It’s the same packaging that is widely available throughout the food industry. Chocolate bars, coffee sachets and on-the-go snacks? They’re all made from very similar material.

Why? Because it keeps your product in the best condition and ensures it’s safe for you to consume. Your safety, along with the quality of the product you receive will always be our number one priority.

As we continue to grow, this is our pledge to you that we will always commit to making our packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible.

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