5 top tips for taking your collagen - and sticking to it!

Amy Nicholson | January 05, 2021 | 2 min read

We’ve all been there. Buy a new beauty product, kickstart your new routine, then a week later your motivation falls by the wayside and you’re left wondering why you’re not getting the results you want.

And whilst it might sound like a cliche, when it comes to getting results from your collagen supplement, consistency really is key

Not forgetting, that once you start taking your collagen, it slowly builds up over time with the average person seeing optimum results after three months. So if you don’t take it consistently, you will start to see your results decline as your Collagen levels to deplete. 

Well, not this year sistas. 

If we’re really going to commit to being our best selves in 2021, we’re going to have to commit when it comes to getting our collagen kicks. 

Here's our top 5 tips for taking your Dewty Daily Collagen Drink - and sticking to it. 

Commit to 30 days 

Like all good things in life, good things come to those who commit. Collagen really is like a gym routine, you can’t take it a couple of times and expect to see effective results. 

Yes, you might see some initial results, much like if you go to the gym a couple of times you might experience a short term burst of energy and an endorphin rush but the real long term results come from what you do consistently over time. 

Three to four weeks is the amount of time the human brain needs to do something before it forms an automatic habit. Science shows that if you can make it through this initial conditioning stage, it becomes much easier to commit to something long term. 

In the case of collagen, you should start to see visible results after this time, giving you the kickstart you need to keep your motivation on a high. 

Set a reminder 

You can’t forget what you get reminded about, right? Set a daily reminder in your phone first thing so you remember to take your glorious collagen. 

Wake, shake, radiate. Wake, shake, radiate. Sing it to me! 

Download a habit tracker 

The beauty of the smartphone means that we’ve got a whole host of apps that are at our fingertips to help us.  Here's a few of our favourites: 

Habit Tracker 

Daily Planner - Habit Tracker 

Habit - Daily Tracker 

Done: A Simple Habit Tracker 

Throw it in your work bag the night before 

The best thing about Dewty? You can take it anywhere. All you need is a sachet and a bottle of water.

If you’re the type of person who is running around in the morning and doesn’t have a spare second, then throw it in your work bag the night before along with your bottle of water. 

Once you’re at your desk, all that’s left to do is mix, shake, drink and glow. 

Tell people around you 

Things are always easier when you actively put them out into the world. If you want to stick to something, tell everyone around you about it. 

That way, you’ll feel more accountable when they ask you how you’re getting on and you’ll be more inclined to stick to the promises you’ve now made to both yourself and those around you. 

Drink up sis, it’s the year to glow. 

Found this article helpful? Tell us your favourite tips to help you stick to your daily collagen routine below. 

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