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Beauty’s Biggest Secret | Why You Really Need To Start Drinking Your Skincare.

Beauty’s Biggest Secret | Why You Really Need To Start Drinking Your Skincare.

It’s official; makeup is out. Skin is in.

Last year in the US, sales of skincare grew by over 13%, whilst sales of makeup grew by just 1%.

 In a previous life a bar of Imperial Leather and a baby wipe might have passed as a sufficient routine (pause for Caroline Hirons to shout at the screen); thanks to pioneering brands like The Ordinary, millennial women are increasingly aware of the products they are using on their skin and the potency of their ingredients.

 Applied skincare can quickly become a metaphorical minefield. The traditional trio of cleansers, toners and exfoliants have made way for the new hot topicals in town; acids, retinoids and anti-oxidants. Each come with a percentage of potency that would require a bare minimum of A-Level Chemistry to understand.

 Which goes first?

How often should we apply?

Is it normal for our skin to be peeling off at this point?!

 The first hurdle is deciding which ‘type’ we are. Oily, Dry, Combination? Who knows. Many a pay check has been lost investing in a so-called wonder-product that made your best mate glow like J-Lo but you break out like a Dominos pepperoni pizza.

The second, finding the time to actually complete the 12 step routine. Sure, it’s easy enough on a leisurely #SkincareSunday; but trying to squeeze in a face mask on the tube at 7.45am on a Thursday is no joke.  

 Step in, Drinkable Skincare.

 Skin-gestibles (yeah we’re not sure on that either) are formulated with the same hot-topic ingredients often featured in your creams and serums; collagen, hyaluronic acid and retinol.

 If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, this will. Nutri-cosmetics are clinically proven to have a bigger impact than applied creams and topical products.  

 Dr Debra Jaliman, Dermatologist and author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top Dermatologist says; ‘The main ingredients in nutricosmetics are usually collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is what our skin is made of. By consuming products with these ingredients in, they’re able to enter your bloodstream much more quickly, rather than a cream that is only able to be absorbed into the surface layer of the skin. Think of it like a faster facial with longer results.’

So what’s the catch? We’ll there isn’t one. Not only does drinkable collagen have some incredible benefits for your skin (including wrinkle reduction and improving the appearance of cellulite)’ but it also has a positive impact on your nails, hair, bones and joints. And with the average woman loosing 1.7% of her natural collagen a year, replenishing your bodies collagen levels in any other way is almost impossible.

 The best part? Drinkable Skincare works for everyone; regardless of skin type, hair type, age, race or ethnicity.

 Because the real glow up is internal. 

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The new 'IT' Skincare product Kourtney Kardashian Swears By

The new 'IT' Skincare product Kourtney Kardashian Swears By

Can collagen help acne scarring?

Can collagen help acne scarring?

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5 Bad Habits That Are Terrible For Your Skin

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Joan January 25 2022

I notice that all the women photographed are quite young. I am 70 and would like to know if your product will help my skin glow

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