"Dewty has massively improved the eczema on my legs."

Amy Nicholson | March 31, 2021 | 2 min read

Hey sistas, 

How are you doing? 

This week we’ve caught up with another one of our gorgeous beauties, Emma, 41, who’s been using dewty for around 3 and a half months and is LOVING her results. 

Here’s how she’s been getting on… 

“I started taking Dewty about three and a half months ago. I wanted to start looking after my skin and get more glow. Once I hit my 40s I thought it was about time to start doing something to look after my skin more. 

Since we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve not been able to have the normal facial treatments I would get in the salon and definitely my skin as well. Not only has it helped my face but it’s massively helped my body as well. 

In the winter I get eczema on my legs and this year it’s been completely kept at bay. The only thing I’ve been doing differently is drinking Dewty. 

My hair is also super, super shiny - I’ve stopped using as much conditioner. My nails have also been super strong as they used to break all of the time.” 

Wanna join our glam squad? We truly believe that our number one influencer is YOU. 

Are you a Dewty customer who is loving your results?

Drop our Brand Manager, Amy, an email at with your before and after pictures along with a little explanation about the results you’ve experienced to be featured on the blog and our social channels. 

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 

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