Does Collagen Help With Hair Growth?

Becki Francis | June 05, 2024 | 2 min read

Looking to achieve enviable, flowing locks? Collagen might just hold the key to unlocking your hair goals!

While collagen is renowned for its ability to give us glowy, bouncy skin, its potential for enhancing hair growth is equally impressive. Here are just some of the ways collagen can work wonders for your hair, leaving it stronger, glossier, and healthier than ever before.


It’s Packed with Hair-Loving Amino Acids

Collagen is like a powerhouse of hair-loving goodness, thanks to three key amino acids: proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. These little heroes form the backbone of your hair's protein structure, promoting healthy growth from the roots up. Proline and glycine boost keratin production - the very protein that comprises your hair strands - while hydroxyproline ensures collagen's integrity in the scalp, creating an optimal environment for robust hair follicles.


May Help Reduce Hair Loss

Collagen isn't just about growing hair; it's also a pro at keeping it firmly rooted. By supporting the dermis layer where hair follicles hang out, collagen helps keep your mane stable and secure. Its regenerative properties help reduce dreaded hair loss and keep your scalp in tip-top shape.


Does Collagen Help With Hair Growth?


Bounce Back with Better Elasticity

Dreaming of hair that sways with every step, just like in those shampoo ads? Collagen might just make it a reality! By strengthening your hair shaft and making it more resilient, collagen helps prevent those pesky split ends and breakages, giving you hair that's more flexible and easier to manage. By reinforcing the hair fibres, collagen fosters better hair quality and resilience, which can promote overall hair health.  

Locks in Moisture

Dry, brittle hair? No thanks! Collagen can save the day by locking in all that precious moisture. When collagen levels are optimal, your hair can retain its moisture a lot easier, resulting in a healthier, glossier appearance. With collagen on your side, your hair can say goodbye to that parched, straw-like texture and hello to a shiny, hydrated look that's the envy of everyone around.


Does Collagen Help With Hair Growth?


The Bottom Line On Collagen For Hair Growth?

So, can collagen really help with hair growth? While it's not an overnight miracle fix, collagen shows promise in supporting healthy hair. Due to its powerful properties, it may aid in hair growth, reduce hair loss, improve elasticity, and boost hair hydration. However, genetics and overall health play an important role, too.

Collagen doesn’t just stop at supporting hair growth - it can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, hydrate the skin, and boost the strength and health of nails. Just take a look at these incredible results to see for yourself!

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