The new 'IT' Skincare product Kourtney Kardashian Swears By

SOPHIE ANGELL | November 08, 2019 | 2 min read

Kourtney K

Beauty Collagen is the latest ‘it’ product celebs just can’t live without, promising a whole host of beauty benefits; from glowing wrinkle-free skin to improved gut health. So what is Beauty Collagen and what are the benefits? We asked our in-house nutritionist to explain why so many of us are ‘Keeping up’ with Hollywood’s latest trend… 

What is Collagen and why do we need it?

Collagen is the largest form of protein found in the body; it makes up everything from our skin to muscles, bones, tendons and tissues, giving them strength and structure in order to function. As we get older, the bodies natural supply of collagen decreases; reducing by 1.7% each year from the age of 25 and slipping to almost half by the age of 40 (sob).

In terms of your skin, this is seriously bad news. Less collagen means reduced elasticity, dryness and leads to increased formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also lead to stiff and weakened muscles, joint pain and gastrointestinal issues.

How can we increase our supply of Collagen?

You could increase your body’s natural collagen levels by increasing the amount you intake through diet (if you want to have a go at boiling some bone broth in your kitchen - vom).

 Turns out even health-lover and Vampire-facial Queen Kourtney K didn’t fancy going to that extreme; hence the rise in popularity of collagen supplements.

Ash English, Head Nutritionist at Dewty, explains more. “The most effective format experts recommend is hydrolysed collagen; pure collagen blended into a very fine powder, making it easier for your body to absorb. By combining collagen with other powerful skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, D3 and A (Retinol), Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc, Inulin and Biotin; we developed a multi-benefit product that answers most of women’s beauty concerns. The clinically proven claims are really quite incredible, from reduced fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks to improved appearance of cellulite.’ 

And how does Glow Stick compare with the rest of the market? 

“The problem with most collagen supplements out there is the taste; most in gel or tablet form are so unpalatable people struggle to consistently take them. We really focused on formulating an incredible natural peach flavour, unlike anything else on the market, so taking your daily dose of collagen is something you look forward to each day.’ 

Introducing Glow Stick 

7 Clinically Proven Beauty Benefits:

- Super-hydrating, increases skin’s moisture for a natural ‘glow’
- Visibly improves deep lines and wrinkles (after just 4 weeks
- Healthier, stronger natural nails (after just 8 weeks)
- Dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite (after just 12 weeks)
- Noticeably fuller, nourished and gorgeously glossy hair.
- Clinically proven to be more effective than expensive creams and lotions. 
- Increases skin’s elasticity for noticeably firmer baby-soft skin

What are you waiting for?

Let us introduce you to the UK’s first award-winning
clinically proven collagen drink.

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