“I’d been searching for affordable collagen supplements for ages - then I found Dewty.”

Amy Nicholson | November 24, 2020 | 2 min read

Hey sistas, 

We’ve got ANOTHER one. 

Another what I hear you ask? Another AMAZING review from one of our Dewty Beauties. 

This week, we caught up with Danielle, 28, from East Grinstead, who has been taking our Dewty Daily Collagen Drink for six months. 

If you’re still wondering whether you should give collagen a go, read on to discover how Danielle found it… 

“I’m nearly 29 and I started to notice that my face just wasn’t as full as it used to be - I felt like it was starting to ‘droop’. I’ve been searching for affordable collagen supplements for a while and everything just seemed really expensive.” 

One of the questions that we get asked the most is how easy is it to take? Here's Danielle's verdict... 

“It’s so easy. I already take vitamins daily anyway, so it just slipped into my routine at the same time every day. I think the main thing is getting into the habit, then once you see the results you can't stop." 

And the results? 

“Within just the first week my face felt so much brighter and tighter. Now I want to have it every day to keep up the results, it really is a solid part of my routine. 

I noticed not only was my skin tighter, but my nails are so much stronger and grow so quick now! My hair had a boost too which is amazing, as I've been trying to grow it for years! 

As we get older our body loses collagen each year and this contributes to wrinkles, saggy skin, dull skin, all the things that come with aging. Yes, preventing the ageing process is impossible but taking collagen supplements really helps to target these affected areas and help to slow it down a little.” 

And would you recommend it to a friend? 

Absolutely, I have already recommended it to everyone I know! 

Wanna join our glam squad? We truly believe that our number one influencer is YOU. 

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Drop our Brand Manager, Amy, an email at 

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 

Drink up sis, it’s time to glow. 

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