“I drank Dewty every day and photographed the results.”

Amy Nicholson | January 05, 2021 | 2 min read

Happy New Year Sistas! 

We’re starting the year as we mean to go on, with the first of many MAJOR glow ups. 

Check out this super glowy transformation from Joanna, 28, from Cambridge, who documented her 28 day Dewty journey by taking a selfie each day so she could visibly see her results. 

And the difference is incredible.

Here’s what Joanna had to say… 

“I loved the look of Dewty as I loved the idea of it being in a drinkable format and the taste was amazing. For me, I loved that it had Biotin in, which helps my hair - as I care about it a lot. 

I decided to take a picture each day as I wanted to visibly see the differences to know if it was making any difference. Now I’m in the habit of taking it everyday, I’m addicted.” 














Week 1 

"After the first week of daily drinking of collagen, the differences were small, but like all ingestible beauty products, you have to be consistent and patient to see the effects. They’re not going to be immediate and happen all at once."

Week 2 

"After the second week, my complexion was smoother and firmer.  The main difference was that my makeup looked better." 

Week 3 

"After the third week, my skin looked more radiant and bright.  It was no longer a problem for me to leave the house without makeup."

Week 4 

"After the fourth week, I saw a total difference than at the beginning. Through daily photos, I could compare how my skin changed.  I noticed amazing smoothness and a glow up effect! The condition of my hair has also improved (probably because of biotin contained in the collagen composition)." 


"My skin is significantly more bright and radiant. It looks noticeably different and better. I also noticed a massive difference in the condition of my hair, it’s so much healthier than before. 

I'm not sure the pictures even do it justice!  I would recommend Dewty to anyone because it is amazing! I am very happy!"

Want to be part of our #28dayglowup and feature on the Dewty blog? Snap a selfie everyday you take your Dewty if you want to watch your glow up come to life. 

Either post your results on social with the #28dayglowup or send your pictures along with a little explanation of the results you’ve found each week. 

Alternatively, email your results directly to our Brand Manager, Amy at

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 

Drink up sis, it’s the year to glow. 


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