"I started to see results in about a month. My skin is glowing, utterly glowing."

Amy Nicholson | December 15, 2020 | 2 min read

Hey beauties,

We’ve caught up with another one of our Dewty Beauties, Samantha, 33, from Peterborough, who has been taking our Dewty Daily Collagen Drink for 8 months and is LOVING her results.  

Samantha previously worked in advertising for a beauty magazine, so knows a thing or two about skincare. Her love affair with collagen started when she began working with a client that provided liquid collagen - and the rest is history. 

Samantha explains her story… 

“I’ve always loved collagen, the results are amazing but the price has always been prohibitive.

I chose Dewty because of the costs and reviews but I was skeptical because it was so cheap in comparison to the others, but the reviews were amazing so I thought it was worth a shot.” 

The results 

“I started to see results in about a month, it may have been only a fortnight. My skin glowing, utterly glowing. 

I also noticed that my nails are stronger. 

To anyone who is skeptical about trying collagen, just DO IT. Just try it, but give it time. You won't get overnight results and depending on age you may need your a couple of months to see results. From 25 we lose collagen rapidly, if you're 50 your results will take longer than someone who is 30 to see results. 

This is an investment, but you’ll get much better results than a face cream.” 

The routine 

"Honestly. Whenever I remember. Morning, evening and sometimes twice in a day if I've forgotten. I know that's not recommended, but I found it still works."

Would you recommend? 

"Yes and I have done it repeatedly. Whenever anyone says "you're glowing" I respond with "I drink collagen now” and then tell them all about Dewty." 

Wanna join our glam squad? We truly believe that our number one influencer is YOU. 

If you’re a customer, Youtuber or influencer who wants to work with us. We would LOVE to hear from you. 

Drop our Brand Manager, Amy, an email at 

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 

Drink up sis, it’s time to glow. 


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