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It’s our birthday!

It’s our birthday!

Guess what!? It’s our birthday, we’re officially 1 whole year old! 

In true KKW style, we’re getting nostalgic and taking a look back at the pit and the peaks of our first year in business. 

Here goes… 

The pit 

Let’s start with the bad. Luckily, there’s not been many pits for us. The only one (like the rest of the world) has been dealing with the challenges that 2020 brought to many people around the world. 

Going out of stock, having the team work from home, to name a few. It’s been erm...a year of ‘character building’ should we say.  

But even in our darkest moments, we have LOVED every minute of it and wouldn’t be where we are without the love for our lil’ peachy drink and our ever loyal beauties - we love you all and are forever grateful for your support. 

The peak(s) 

Okay, we lied. We couldn’t pick one. Here’s a roundup of our top 5 moments of our first year in business. 

We won an award 

Can you believe it? We WON an award! 

Back in November, we were awarded the Silver Award for the Best New Collagen Supplement at the Pure Beauty Awards London 2020.  

Next stop…the Oscars 🏆 

Delivering to over 10,000 customers 

That’s right, there’s now over 10,000 of you who we’ve shipped our  little box of glowy goodness to. 

We’ve now shipped products to over 20 countries, meaning we got beauties in Australia, Germany, China, Switzerland and even Japan! 

That little peach box is better travelled than we are! 

Your AMAZING reviews 

We’re obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with reading your reviews. We’ve now received over 100 and we still go all warm and fuzzy inside when we get a new one. 

Developing our SECOND flavour

You heard it here first. We’ve been working hard to develop a new flavour and it will be launching VERY soon. 

Watch this space! 

Helping YOU  

Whilst we’ve had so many highlights, the real peak for us is hearing your stories. 

Whether it’s a DM to say that we’ve helped with your acne or a review from a new mum we’ve helped with postpartum hair loss, whenever we hear your stories it reminds us of the whole reason we started this in the first place… 

to create a clinically proven product that helps real women celebrate their natural glow - without turning to heavy makeup or invasive procedures. 

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"I’ve been taking Dewty for three months and I'm starting to see a real difference"

"I’ve been taking Dewty for three months and I'm starting to see a real difference"

Can collagen help acne scarring?

Can collagen help acne scarring?

“My skin is brighter and softer and my nails don’t split like they used to.”

“My skin is brighter and softer and my nails don’t split like they used to.”

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