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“This has been amazing for postpartum hair loss.”

“This has been amazing for postpartum hair loss.”

Hey sistas, 

This week we caught up with another dewty beauty and brand new baby mama, Anna, 29, who gave birth to her lil’ baba Reggie just THREE months ago (how unreal does she look? There’s not an under eye bag insight.) 

Anna came across Dewty after suffering with postpartum hair loss and acne, which FYI collagen is AMAZING for! 

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Here’s her story… 

“When I was pregnant my hair was AMAZING. It was so thick and glossy. People talk about the pregnancy ‘glow’ but it really is true my skin and hair felt absolutely amazing. 

Then I gave birth…I’d heard people talk about postpartum hair loss but I didn’t expect it to be so bad. I felt like it was so noticeable around the front of my hairline, mainly where my baby hairs were but it got so bad I didn’t even want to tie my hair up. 

Then there was my skin, pre-pregnancy I’d always struggled with spots. I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teenager but the extra hormones in pregnancy seemed to improve it, then I gave birth... and my acne returned with vengeance. 

I felt awful, not only was I absolutely knackered with a newborn but I felt like complete crap in myself so I started to research supplements that could help tackle my postpartum skin and hair problems - and I came across collagen.

I started taking dewty Reggie was around a month old, so I’ve been taking it for about two months now and I’m so happy with the results. My hair is so, so much glossier and shiner and I can see new hair growing. My skin is so much clearer too which I’m made up with because I was terrified I was going to go back to the skin I had as a teenager. 

If you’re a mum who’s not breastfeeding, I would 100% recommend giving dewty a go.” 


Dewty contains vitamin a, which isn’t recommended to take whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re any of these, we’d always recommend speaking to your doctor before starting any supplements. 

Wanna join our glam squad? We truly believe that our number one influencer is YOU. 

Are you a Dewty customer who is loving your results? 

Drop our Brand Manager, Amy, an email at with your before and after pictures along with a little explanation about the results you’ve experienced to be featured on the blog and our social channels. 

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 


"Dewty has massively improved the eczema on my legs."

"Dewty has massively improved the eczema on my legs."

Can collagen help acne scarring?

Can collagen help acne scarring?

5 celebs who swear by collagen

5 celebs who swear by collagen


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