What Are The Benefits of Collagen For Men?

Becki Francis | June 16, 2024 | 2 min read

Hey fellas, ever heard of collagen? It’s one of those things that often gets overlooked in men's health, but it really shouldn't be. Adding collagen to your skincare routine can make a world of difference - let’s dive into why.

While many vitamins cater to specific gender needs, collagen is a universal essential nutrient. It supports your skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones, especially as you age. Yet, men often overlook this versatile supplement. So, we’ve gathered all the information you need to understand why collagen is just as crucial for men as it is for women.


What is Collagen?

Collagen has become a staple in many routines, but what exactly is it? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, made up of chains of amino acids. It’s like the building block that holds everything together - your skin, hair, nails, tendons, joints, and bones.

Think of it this way: collagen makes up about 75% of the protein in your skin and 30% of the total protein in your body. That’s huge! Different types of collagen do various jobs to keep us healthy and maintain that youthful, radiant skin we all want.


Should Collagen Be Part of a Man’s Diet?

Absolutely! If you’ve suddenly noticed those fine lines creeping in, collagen might just be the missing piece to your health puzzle. 

Think of collagen as the glue that keeps everything in your body together. However, once we hit our mid-20s, our bodies start slacking off on collagen production. This decline leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, hair loss, and other signs of ageing. And yes, guys, this affects you too! By the time we're 60, we've lost about 80% of our natural collagen. Yikes!

So, what's the game plan? Incorporate collagen-rich foods and collagen supplements into your diet. Doing so will give your body the essential amino acids it needs to keep producing this vital protein. Trust us, your skin (and everything else) will thank you!


What Are the Benefits of Collagen for Men?

Packed with essential nutrients, collagen is like a secret weapon for keeping you feeling and looking top-notch, inside and out. Here are just some of the benefits of collagen:

  • Supports Skin Health: Collagen helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Strengthens Hair and Nails: Collagen provides the necessary nutrients for stronger, healthier hair and nails.

  • Promotes Joint Health: Collagen supports joint health by maintaining cartilage integrity, which can reduce joint pain and improve mobility.

  • Improves Gut Health: Collagen contains the amino acid glycine, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the gut lining. Collagen also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

  • Enhances Muscle Mass: Collagen contains amino acids that support muscle growth and repair, which is beneficial for those engaging in regular physical activity.

  • Improves Bone Health: Collagen helps maintain bone density and strength, reducing the risk of fractures.

Just take a look at these incredible collagen results from our Dewty customers!

What Are The Benefits of Collagen For Men? Dewty Beauty Blog


How To Get Started With Collagen

In our fast-paced lives, finding the time to include collagen-rich foods can be a challenge. Fortunately, collagen supplements offer a convenient solution to ensure your collagen levels remain optimal, even with a hectic schedule. And here’s a tip: not all collagen supplements are created equal.

When shopping for a collagen supplement, it’s essential to choose wisely. Look for a hydrolysed collagen supplement that is easy to absorb and free from harmful additives, preservatives, or fillers.

Ready to take the plunge? Why not start with our Dewty Daily Collagen or Vegan Collagen? Crafted with only natural ingredients and available in delicious flavours, they’re the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate your daily dose of collagen into your routine.


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