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“My skin has never been so consistently clear.”

“My skin has never been so consistently clear.”

Hey sistas, 

This week, we have got an absolute corka of a glow up for you. 

Stories like this take us back to the reason that we started dewty in the first place, to help women to feel confident in their own skin without the need for heavy makeup or invasive procedures. 

Ever since her teenage years, Michaela, from Staffordshire, had always suffered from unbalanced, lumpy, red, sore, (basically all round problematic skin). 

After spending years covering up her spots with heavy foundation and concealer (essentially making it worse), she decided she needed to treat her skin from the inside out. 

We hear ya sista! Here’s Cayla’s story…. 

“Since entering my teenage years I had always suffered from unbalanced, lumpy, red, sore skin. My mother suffers from bad skin, as do my siblings, so I just thought it was something I was going to have to live with. 

Summer 2020

I had never really been shown or introduced to  skincare ranges, routines or benefits, so I mustered through like most people do at that age and used makeup to cover my flaws -  essentially making it worse. 

As I got older, became a mother myself and settled in a relationship, my need for makeup reduced the more I felt comfortable. I gained some friends over the years, some like myself and some who were more into skincare than make-up. 

"I always recognised a huge difference in the confidence of those of those who focused more on their skincare." 

I wanted this, and so I gradually began testing and trying numerous skin routine products. Noticeably my skin became better over time just by looking after it and treating it better. Eating healthier, minimal make up and changing what products I used makeup-wise. 

I started to feel great being able to go out without makeup on, family days out, shopping, etc. I have tried Clinique, Liz Earl, Elemis, Face Theory, Dermalogica and more recent La Roche-Posay. 

I find my skin easily becomes used to the skincare I use over time and then it seems like after a few months It just doesn't work the same. This is when I tend to either have a break from all skincare or reduce my routine time or change brand. I also  have quite sensitive skin also, so I have to be careful. 

And then there was dewty….

I noticed dewty whilst scrolling on insta, looked at the website and read loads of the reviews. The collagen aspect of this along with the other benefits really stood out to me. Nails and hair etc.. it all helps and I had never seen a product like this before. I see vitamins all the time.

But a drink full of benefits to all the self care needs I require seemed perfect! Plus - I love peach!  I had heard of collagen before, mainly in skin creams and vitamins but never a drink. 

"I added dewty into my diet a few months ago, I drink it most days first thing in the morning but on rush days grab and go and have it at work when I get a second." 

I started to visibly notice results up to two weeks after taking it. The main results were on my skin, there was such a massive difference. I had been going through a really bad patch with it, outbreaks and was suffering from ugly red sore lumpy skin again. I seemingly have had minimal breakouts and  if I do it seems to be a hormonal thing at the lady time of the month. Even so, It's not been anywhere near as bad. 

It’s never been so consistently clear. Yes I still get the odd breakout. But I am still confident enough to go out makeup-less. It’s hardly ever red, if anything, it’s brighter and more refreshed -  I don’t seem to look as tired. 

I very rarely get those god awful lumps under the skin and messy clusters. The horrible little spot trails under my chin and on my neck - gone. I get the odd spot here and there.. which Is normal I guess. 

My nails are so much stronger. My nail tech will be so impressed as they are never this strong and they’re growing quickly.

My hair is definitely thicker, although it’s still going grey through these lockdowns - it seems to have more of a thickness about it. 

I wouldn't be without Dewty now - it's fantastic. I only use minimal skin care. Only when needed which in turn saves me so much time and money overall. Even doing makeup for work, I can use minimal and just add bits to feel confident enough to go to work.  

Dewty is now a huge part of my everyday routine and I have no intentions for it to ever not be. It's changed my life so much, not just on the outside but on the inside too! 

The only advice I could give, is don’t even question it, if you're not using this product then you're missing out. 


Not tried dewty yet? Click here to get yours now. 

Loving your glow up? We truly believe that our number one influencer is YOU. 

Drop our Brand Manager, Amy, an email at with your before and after pictures along with a little explanation about the results you’ve experienced to be featured on the blog and our social channels. 

WARNING: She’s obsessed with hearing your glow up stories, so don’t be freaked out if she fangirls over your results. 

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5 celebs who swear by collagen

5 celebs who swear by collagen

“This has been amazing for postpartum hair loss.”

“This has been amazing for postpartum hair loss.”

Can collagen help acne scarring?

Can collagen help acne scarring?

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