What is Hydrolysed Collagen?

Amy Nicholson | January 21, 2021 | 2 min read

It’s the beauty buzzword that we talk about a LOT - but what actually is hydrolysed collagen? What are the benefits? And how do I get it into my daily routine? 

Wondering whether to give collagen a try or have you been researching it and keep coming across the term ‘hydrolysed’ in front of it (I mean, what the f**k does that mean really?) 

Well, we’re here to explain. 

What is hydrolysed collagen? 

The term ‘hydrolysed’ basically means that something has been ‘extracted’ from its original state or source and is broken down into smaller pieces or molecules. 

Why? Well, it makes it easier for our bodies to absorb. In their original form, collagen molecules are far too big for our bodies to consume naturally meaning they have to be broken down or ‘hydrolysed’ in order for us to reap its benefits. 

In the case of collagen, the hydrolysation process also means that it takes on antioxidant properties. This means that it can help us to fight free radicals - the cells that cause ‘damage’ such as ageing in the body. 

How does the collagen get ‘hydrolysed’? 

Hydrolysis can be done in two main ways: 

  • By a thermal treatment (heating to a high temperature) and adding enzymes 

  • By adding an acid (such as acetic acid) to the collagen 

At Dewty, our Collagen is hydrolyzed by using the thermal method. However, both methods end with the same result =  a collagen product that can be easily added to tablets, capsules or liquids.

Remember how we mentioned that collagen has to be broken down in order to be absorbed correctly? Well, this is important when it comes to your results. 

Once Hydrolysis has been completed, the collagen molecules are now able to pass through the gut lining, enter the bloodstream and be effectively absorbed by the body, meaning you’re able to experience the most effective results. 

How is Hydrolysed collagen sourced? 

For the hydrolyzation process begins, you must source your collagen. Generally speaking, collagen is extracted from bovine (cow), porcine (pig) or marine (fish). 

At Dewty, we use bovine collagen. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, this is because as humans, we’re much closer to cows in terms of our genetic makeup than we are to fish - making it the most effective collagen when it comes to your results. 

How does it actually work? 

We make it no secret that after the age of 25 our collagen levels decline by a whopping 1.7% per year. 

The only way to replace that collagen is through expensive salon treatments or supplementation. 

Absorbing a hydrolysed collagen like our Dewty Daily Collagen Drink, stimulates your body’s natural collagen stores to ‘wake up’ - encouraging them to make more collagen naturally. 

Lots of our customers experience results in other areas than they necessarily thought. For example, you may have started to take collagen for your skin but you find that your hair or eyelashes are so much thicker. This is because your body will automatically allocate additional collagen to where your body needs it the most, so if you’ve got a collagen shortage in your eyelashes or nails, guess what? That’s where it’s going to go. 

Pretty clever, huh? 

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The benefits of hydrolysed collagen 

So we’ve been through what it is and how it works, but no we’re at the good bit. What actually are the benefits of incorporating Hydrolysed collagen into your daily routine? 


We make no secret of collagen being a super ingredient when it comes to skincare. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than someone commenting on how glowy your complexion is. 

Like we mentioned earlier, after the age of 25 your collagen levels slowly start to decline resulting in a drier complexion that is prone to dehydration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrolysed collagen has been proven to increase your skin’s natural hydration levels as well as increase elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

A study with 60 women between the ages of 35 - 55 showed up to a 15% increase in skin elasticity in comparison to those who took the placebo treatment after just four weeks. 

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Hair and Nails 

It’s not just skin that becomes lacklustre when we’re in need of a collagen boost. Collagen can also be found in our hair and nails, meaning an increase can result in thicker, glossier hair and stronger hair that is less prone to breakage.  

A recent clinical study showed a decrease in cracked and chipped nails after just 8 weeks of treatment, decreasing by up to 42% after 6 months. 

Joint Health 

Yes, your skin, hair and nails are made up of collagen but so are lots of other areas of your body such as your joint cartilage. Studies have shown that Hydrolysed collagen can help strengthen your joints and ease pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis.  

Hydrolysed Collagen vs Collagen Peptides. What’s the difference? 

The truth is... they’re both the same. Hydrolysed collagen is essentially another name for collagen peptides. 

Remember that we said that before collagen is hydrolysed it’s too big for the body to absorb? Well, a peptide is what the collagen becomes after it has been hydrolysed (aka a smaller more digestible collagen format that can be absorbed by the body). 

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